At Natural SOULutions, you will receive an individualized health consultation to pinpoint how to nourish your body and enhance powerful natural healing and detoxification processes, and be on a journey to better overall health and wellness.

In your 2-hour appointment, we cover:

  • SpectraVision biofeedback testing to reveal the source of health problems.
  • Identify sensitivities which increase the amount of stress your body experiences – bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites, toxicity factors, and even emotional challenges.
  • Testing of nutritional supplements to check their benefit to your body’s unique biochemistry.
  • SpectraVision auricular laser treatment to specifically address the imbalances present which are found in the biofeedback scan.
  • A plan of action which you can begin the very same day.
  • Make sure to read AND FOLLOW ‘Instructions for scan’ prior to appointment. This is found in the drop-down tab: What to Expect in a Session

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My office hours are 9:30am – 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Fill out the form and I will contact you regarding an appointment.

What to Expect in a Session

1. General Health Consultation (Initial session) 

2. Non-cognitive biofeedback scan. The SpectraVisionTM is a machine that reads your body’s electrical or frequency responses to stimulus that can’t be felt. I.e. – it doesn’t hurt!  You hold a device in your hand and sit still. The technology simply asks subconscious questions to your unique physiology. Your body’s answers reveal stress patterns, emotional challenges, and how to make corrections in your health. The client and practitioner then go over the scan by discovering clues of the imbalances presented on the report.  Albert Einstein is noted for saying ‘Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies’.  Well, here we are!

3. Acu-point testing:  Using a method called Galvanic Skin Response, a testing instrument is used which makes an indent in the skin (much like pressing a closed ball point pen to make an indent), and further assessment is given as to the body’s imbalances. With the assessment, product selection is made and prepared. 

4. LLLT – Low Level Laser via auriculotherapy :  Auriculotherapy is a mapping tool, much like the practices of iridology or reflexology, using the ear as a reflection of the entire body. Results from the appointment are used in the therapy, using a LLLT by running the frequencies that balance out the body (determined by the SpectraVision scan) through the laser.   A quick session of LLLT is optional to the client at no charge, to boost the body’s balance. 

5. Point of Action: Discussion to determine sustainable wellness solutions: Ultimately, each scan and treatment session aids the body to achieve wellness on a progressively deeper level, and helps the client to understand his or her physical, mental, and emotional patterns, which may hinder the expression of total wellness. Best results occur when client has three successive sessions, 21-30 days apart, so that a sequence of support, detoxification, and restoration can be achieved. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SCAN: It is VERY important to follow these instructions on the day of the scan:
~ Drink 12-16 ounces of water within 2 hours before testing
~ Do not take usual supplements for 24 hours before scan
~ Do not eat 2 hours before scan
~ DO continue with any prescription medication
~ No alcohol or caffeine within 12 hours before AND after testing
~ No jewelry or belts during scan


What is SpectraVision? 

SpectraVision™, is a non-cognitive, non-invasive bio-balancing device that “reads” your body’s electrical responses, and reveals the sources of imbalances. Things like parasites, mold, fungus, antibiotics, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even how we think, can end up disrupting our energy flow and balance, and don’t allow our bodies to function properly. Think of it as your body’s “lie-detector” test that is able to interview an individuals autonomic nervous system to gain information without interruption or influence from the conscious mind and then offers a list of stress priorities in the body. 

Too often, people wait for a symptom (or even a medical diagnosis) before they start to REALLY take care of their body. A symptom is the body’s way of communicating some sort of stress or imbalance. Symptom suppression is like simply covering up the car’s check engine light. Most cars are run by a complex system of computers. When there’s a malfunction, a technician plugs into the car’s computer for a quick analysis of the problem. The SpectraVision™ technology is similar in that it is able to connect to the body’s incredibly sophisticated management system and similarly report which systems are stressed and then offers a prioritized protocol for each client.

The SpectraVisionTM won’t reveal your symptoms. Rather, this incredible device goes straight to the root problems. 

With the use of the technology, the practitioner’s guidance, supportive information and supplementation, and cold laser therapy, the client can claim greater self-awareness and responsibility for the necessary changes in habits and lifestyle. Some of the goals by making use of this technology and supporting products, include: Increased energy flow in the bioelectrical pathways of the body, activate and strengthen detoxification processes, reduce inflammatory responses, bolster immune function, activate tissue stimulation and repair, improve the body’s ability to deal with environmental stressors, and increase the body’s energy for optimal daily performance. 

Scan results are organized according to highest stress response.

The SpectraVision™ does not diagnose, treat or cure disease. The practitioner does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

Who is not eligible for a SpectraVision scan? 

Persons who have any of the following conditions: pregnant, pacemaker or heart arrhythmia, organ transplant, taking immunosuppressive drugs, seizures or history of seizures, shunts (this includes glucose monitor with transmitter), or if ever struck by lightning. If a body’s energy is TOO low, a scan cannot be performed.

***At this time, no consultation will be done with anyone who has a cancer diagnosis and is actively in a treatment plan***

Liability release reflecting eligibility statements will be required. 

Vibrational Energy and Frequency

Albert Einstein said that “everything in life is vibration” If you’ve ever taken chemistry, you learned about atoms and know that everything (matter) is made up of atoms. There is a space between atoms and that space allows for movement or vibration. Let me provide you with some examples of frequency and vibration:

  1. If you press the sustain/damper pedal on a piano and sing a note, the strings in the piano that make the same note that you sing will vibrate. When you stop singing, you can hear the piano sounding the same note. When the vibration from one object causes another object to vibrate, it is called resonance..
  2. If you tune an old radio by hand turning the knob to find your favorite station, you’d hear fuzzy or muffled sounds in between each station.  Just because one sound stops and the other starts, doesn’t mean that all the channels don’t exist at the same time.  The wavelengths, or radio waves of all the channels are flowing at all times, but it’s the job of the tuner (you) to tune to the station (or frequency) you want. 
  3. In modern day, we use technology like EEG, EKG, EMG to measure electrical activity in the body (brain, heart, nerve). In other words, we are electrical beings made up of vibrating cells and those vibrations/frequencies/energies can be measured!!!
Bio Resonance

Bioresonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves due to damage. Likewise, there are components within the SpectraVision technology that express what frequency the individual is wanting, in order to help support the body.

Because we ARE energy, we emit electro-magnetic waves or frequencies. Through the use of the technology, an energy signature can be “read” and reveals imbalances in the body.  So things like fungus, parasites, chemicals, and even how we feel, disrupts our energy flow and shows up in a non-diagnostic report

Essentially, I use a bio-balancing device that I like to call a “lie-detector test” which taps into what is going on in the nervous system, and gathers information.  With the assessment, we explore ways to raise your frequency (or vibration) by use of food, supplements, thinking, water, sunshine, elimination, exercise, faith.