If we look at our health journey as a tapestry, mine took a long time to weave – radiation as a baby, disabling headaches, chronic strep throat, antibiotics, significant bloating, multiple dental issues, mono, and psoriasis. These were constant companions before I turned 25 years old.  With grit and determination, plague turned into passion, and that passion turned into helping others with autoimmune and similar issues.

Hi, I’m Jolene Wykes, wife, mom of 4 grown kids, and Grammy Jo to 9 grandchildren.  I’ve been a high-school Home Economics teacher, University instructor and Director of the Fashion Design Department, home-school mom, home stylist, and natural health practitioner. Life is simply too short to do all the things! 

My own health journey led me to not being “normal” – things like not feeding my kids a standard American diet, not giving them ALL the shots, and making them do routine parasite cleanses. So much for winning the award of ‘Best Mom on the Block”.  I attend health seminars on weekends, geek out on health and freedom podcasts, minimally eat out, defend my right to not eat gluten and I bring my own water to most places I go. Pioneer? Or Rebel?  I’ll claim both titles.  

Years after I earned a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, then a Master of Education degree, I became a Certified Natural Health Professional through the Trinity School of Natural Health in 2006. Since then, I have continued my studies, as I got sucked in to a vortex of learning about the temple we are charged with, which is to glorify God in our bodies. 

My first experience with Bionetics (with the SpectraVision technology) was in 2011, and through another “weaving” of experiences, I became a natural health and bionetics practitioner in 2018. What is Bionetics?  Simply put, it’s a “weaving together of life”.  As a Bionetics practitioner, I utilize incredible technology called the SpectraVision ™, use my life experiences, practical suggestions, and insight into your daily practices to help you navigate the journey of better overall health and wellness.  In THIS journey, we work together to find solutions to restore balance and learn to live with intention through holistic health management, to “create” a new YOU.  I’m truly privileged to be a part of your tapestry. 

May you find health and wellness in putting YOUR story together!