Want to find out what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’ in your body? Many of my clients have had a long journey of trying to find out what is “wrong” with them.  That journey can be time consuming, extremely frustrating, and quite costly. I know, because I’ve ‘been there, done that’. (see my About page)  I sincerely hope that I can help you navigate a NEW road to better health!

In my practice, I utilize technology called SpectraVision, which is a biofeedback system that allows me to get an insight assessment of stress and energy imbalances in the body. Distress to the body can show up in many forms:  anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, inflammation, general aches and pains, depression, weight gain and more, and can take from us a life of well-being.

During the SpectraVision Wellness scan, there are multiple types of testing done to detect interruptions in energy flow within the body and reveal the source of health concerns.  So whether your body is reacting to bacteria, virus, parasites, chemicals, molds, or even emotions, I am able to see where your body needs energetic support or detoxification. Collectively, we identify and discuss the most effective ways to support the body’s natural healing process. This isn’t always a quick journey, but you have to remember that it likely took a while to get to the place you are. Now, it’s time to turn around and head another direction.

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